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Ultra Pik Twins™

Recommended by dentists, the Ultra-PikTM is a reusable,
plastic gum stimulator for people of all ages. It is made
of high quality, durable, FDA approved plastic. It is great
for all dental appliances: bridges, braces etc...It does not
get soggy or splinter like wood toothpicks, and will not
spread your teeth or scratch the enamel.

Minimum order is (4) units.

TwinPack $2.29ea....................Single $1.61ea.
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Ultra Pik™
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T-Pik Stringless Dental Flosser

The T-PIK Stringless Dental Flosser™ is recommended by dentists and
designed for adults. It is the personal flossing device without string that
many people prefer. Made of surgical stainless steel and FDA approved
plastic the T-PIK will not scratch the enamel on your teeth due to the smooth,
finely polished surface. It's peridental form allows you to floss your teeth
comfortably. The T-PIK Stringless Dental Flosser™ is a safe supplement
to string floss and is designed for people that HATE TO FLOSS.

Minimum order is (4) units.

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The Squisher/CreaserTM is the ultimate tool that you need in your bathroom, kitchen,
hobby room, garage, or office. It squishes soft tubes of tooth- paste, paints, cements,
caulking- any liquid in a tube to the top so you can eliminate excess waste and GET IT
ALL OUT! The Squisher/CreaserTM is great for applications such as mixing, either in the
kitchen or your hobby room. The "Squisher/Creaser™" is great for any office; folding
multiple papers is a BREEZE with this all-purpose tool.

Minimum order is (4) units.

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The Trash Bag KeeperTM keeps it where it belongs!

Does not slip back into the container.

Needed by:Every home, office, Motel, Hospital...

Everywhere trash bags/liners are used.

Minimum order is (4) units.

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Rocky Mountain T-Pik™

FISHERMEN LOVE IT! The Rocky Mountain T-PIKTM is ideal for all fishermen,
whether you like to cast, fly, or deep sea fish you need to have one in your
tackle box or on your vest. The Rocky Mountain T-PIKTM is great for the
removal of wind knots, back lashes, and tangles. It is great for assisting
in changing your lures and cleaning eyes of the hook. Many fishermen use
this handy tool for tying, and fluffing flies. It attaches easily to the loop
on your vest and you can attach a clipper to the other end. Order yours today!

Minimum order is (4) units.

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*Have you ever wanted to cary a bottle of water and yet have both hands free?
*Active people use the Bottle Holster to cary a bottled beverage, which they can release and drink at will.
*Bottle Holster locks the beverage bottle tightly in place, to be removed when needed, and easily reattached after drinking.
*The bottle holster is tough and can be used 100's of times.
*Please click here for Bottle Holster directions.


*For the beltless consumer we offer the bottle holster strap.
*The strap is made from dye free cotton webbing, 1/2 inch wide and 51 inches long, with a plastic buckle.
*The bottle holster strap can be easily adjusted for height.
*The strap goes over the shoulder, allowing the consumer to carry a beverage bottle locked into the holster.
*The strap is sold seperately.


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